In early May 2013, Geekwire hosted their annual Startup Awards show at Seattle’s Experience Music Project (EMP). Entrepreneurs from around the Pacific Northwest lined up to enter the gala and watch the founders of Geekwire unveil the 2013 award recipients. Killer Infographics was one of the many companies honored that night, not only by receiving the golden joystick for our win in the Geekiest Office Space category, but for this motion graphic.

About 6 weeks prior to the awards gala, we sat down with Geekwire to come up with a visual concept that would connect with the Seattle startup scene and the geeks in all of us. The EMP has the largest HD screen in the Northwest, and the gala was set to take place in front of that screen. In other words, it would have been a waste not to do a motion graphic. Luckily, the Killer Infographics crew is pretty geeky at heart so our motion graphics team instantly thought of using 8-bit animation and this idea formed. With a tip of the hat to games long past, we jumped right into scripting and storyboarding. Once we had a concept, then the process of design began. When designing 8-bit characters for animation, there’s a great deal of prep work needed. A typical animation uses about 50 to 100 layers of design whereas this motion graphic required thousands of layers and it was all worth it! The reception at the gala was fantastic and it has since gained many accolades from entrepreneurs and gamers alike. Check it out and let us know what you think!