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Design Alphabet Postcards: Set of 26


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Product Description

For the design geek or the naturally curious, this set of custom-designed 4”x6” postcards takes you through design terms from ascender to z-space and everything in between. You can send them to friends, hang them on your wall, or make them into something new. The best part is that you don’t have to “collect them all” because we’ve already done that for you; the cards arrive all together in a sturdy box for safe storage.

The idea for these postcards came from desire to bridge the communication gap between designers and non-designers. The designers had fun showing off their favorite styles and letting everyone else into their world, and others got to appreciate some new terminology and feel a little more connected to design. This generated conversation pieces for everyone with any interest in design — whether passing or passionate — and the postcard format encourages that sharing to continue.


Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs



120lb card stock and carrier box

Print Type

Best Quality Laser

What You Get

As shown in the photos, all 26 postcards will arrive in a cardboard case with a clear top for viewing. This box will be shipped in protective packaging to ensure your postcards are safe during delivery.


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