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SpaceX Mars Travel Poster: Phobos & Deimos


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Product Description

Take a space-age cruise aboard the moons of Mars with this 1940s travel-poster-inspired design, depicting a romantic getaway to Mars. This poster is just 1 in a series of 4, developed to ignite both your imagination and your excitement for SpaceX.
Each poster illustrates a different aspect of Mars, from a tour of its moons to the largest volcano in the solar system: Olympus Mons. The series combines textures and lighting effects to add depth and a rich consistency across the designs. This ensures you can mix and match to make your own set or collect all 4 prints (and save, while you’re at it).


Additional Information

Weight .5 lbs



100lb glazed paper stock

Print Type

Highest quality art print

What You Get

You will receive the brand new poster delivered in a rolled poster tube to frame as you wish or hang directly on your wall as-is.


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