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The 4 Forces of Physics Poster Series: Weak Nuclear Force


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Weak force enables the formation of heavy nuclei, so without it, uranium and plutonium would be safer to handle. An illustrated rendering of this force’s actions is supplemented by text to help explain what makes this force such an integral part of the life we know. On this poster, you’ll learn about the force that sustains all life (like you!) by allowing the sun to shine.

One of our passions is taking complex ideas and simplifying them both in content and design. When brainstorming what concepts we could apply this to, educational visual aids in general — and physics in particular — arose as a perfect chance to create something engaging and simple enough to be appreciated, from a topic that can seem pretty intimidating.

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Additional Information

Weight .5 lbs



100 lb. poster stock. Black with gold metallic ink.

Print Type

Serigraph (silk screened) with gold metallic ink

What You Get

You will receive the brand new poster delivered in a rolled poster tube to frame as you wish or hang directly on your wall as-is.


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