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Motion Graphic: Zillow

Motion Graphic: Zillow

Multimedia: Epson 3LCD Technology

Multimedia: Epson 3LCD Technology

Interactive: Bluetooth Annual Report

Interactive: Bluetooth Annual Report

Infographic: Red Bull Speed Drumming

Infographic: Red Bull Speed Drumming





Showcase your information in a more engaging, more efficient way.


Amplify information one frame at a time: we create a visual story. You just press “play.”


Engage your audience and turn viewers into active participants with interactive content.


From branding to brochures, we create visual campaigns dedicated to your goals.


Visual communication deserves to be seen. Promotion ensures your project gets that chance.

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"It's been great working with the entire Killer Infographics team. They've been quick to respond to emails, delivered their previews and finished files on time, and have worked very hard to make sure that I'm happy with the finished product. They've been flexible on price and have gone out of their way to understand what I want so they can craft it for me. I was so pleased with their first infographic that I have since purchased many more for our company. I look forward to commissioning even more!"

− Brandon Dennis, Buuteeq.com

"Killer Infographics has been great to work with from both doing static infographics to video infographics. They are super responsive, creative, and professional. I highly recommend them, their work, and the results they've helped us achieve. We couldn't have done it without them."

− David Niu, TINYhr

"I first worked with Killer Infographics on a large piece called "The Cost of Poor Web Performance Monitoring," which was my company's first infographic attempt. The KI team incorporated all of my requirements and came back with a beautifully designed and easy-to-digest infographic. They worked with me to make last-minute edits and were so accommodating - it looks AWESOME. The infographic ended up being run by Mashable! I highly recommend this team."

− Kendal Peiguss, SmartBear Software

"I've truly enjoyed working with Killer for the past 2+ years, specifically Amy Balliett. She is very responsive and always willing to work with us to meet our needs. What impresses me most is that she truly wants to create a strong relationship with us - not just as vendor/client, but as business partners invested in each other's success. It makes for a consistently positive, productive experience and I hope we've given Killer as much value as they've given us."

− Maureen Grodzki, QuinStreet

"It's always a pleasure to work with Killer Infographics. We can depend on them to produce infographics that represent the data we have in the best possible way. Their process works really well and their designers are super talented. Highly recommended."

− David Croney, Savings.com

"An extremely accurate company name. The work they do is truly killer, and is always of the highest caliber. They have a knack for taking the world of data-viz beyond just pretty aggregates to the realm of storytelling. Great fun to work with. Humble, wise, and super-talented."

− Drory Ben-Menachem, Smashing Ideas

"Killer Infographic found a formula that works. They have the right process, the right price, the right talent and the right people and they deliver what you envision and want. No hassle, no fuss, no headaches. It's a creative shop that's run by marketers that think like marketers. I tested them on one project and now use them for all our videos and infographics, and if they offered more, I would take it."

− Uri Bar-Joseph, Optify

"Killer Infographics did an amazing job for us. They delivered on time and on budget. They took all the information I gave them and found a fun and simple way to communicate it to our audience. They are a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with them again in the future."

− Joleene Armbruster, RSI Development | The New House

"I can recommend Killer Infographics not as a typical client, but as someone who has come to know founder Amy Balliett over the last several months. She's the consummate pro, who clearly leads a fast-moving and productive team to turn out a first-rate product. While Amy's connection to me is through her teaching work at the School of Visual Concepts, I have to assume if she's that great at explaining infographics and best practices, she has to be even greater at making them happen."

− Larry Asher, The School of Visual Concepts