About Us

Get to Know the Killer Team


Killer Infographics is devoted to spreading knowledge through visual communication. With a diverse array of customers and a killer team, we work towards a common goal to delight, inspire, and connect with any audience in the most visually stimulating and engaging ways possible. We do this through an end-to-end service that includes ideation and promotion in tandem with the creation of static infographics, motion graphics, interactive designs, and multimedia experiences that seek out new frontiers of visual narrative. We are creative risk-takers who will always push ourselves beyond expectations, develop the best possible products for our clients, and believe that service, accountability, and respect are integral to our success.


We believe in a future where visual communication overcomes linguistic and social barriers to inform, educate, and impact positive change. We envision a world where visual information ends ignorance; we embrace this by donating our services to nonprofit organizations in need while partnering with for-profit industries to grow their brands and engage their customers. We aspire to remain leaders in the industry and believe this can only be accomplished through consistent transparency and accountability with our clients, our community, and ourselves. Because of this, we will always be humble towards our customers, thankful to our city, and supportive of each other.



While we are confident in our expertise, we are humbled by the knowledge that we will never be done learning. We will always remain open and supportive of new ideas and eager to learn from our customers, our projects, and each other.


We push our own creative boundaries, seek out new challenges, and work cooperatively to develop the best possible products for our clients while inspiring our community and colleagues through our designs and actions.


We hold ourselves accountable in both our work and our treatment of others. We will not make excuses for setbacks, place blame on others, or take advantage of misunderstandings. We will instead embrace the challenges before us, accepting honest responsibility as each situation may dictate.


We believe our success stems from the simple fact that we enjoy what we do and have fun as a team. We will always encourage a company culture that supports communal and individual growth, celebrates creative challenges, and makes the happiness of our employees, customers, and community a top priority.


We are agile and resilient by nature. We recognize that success for our company and our clients requires us to never rest on our laurels, but to instead continually innovate, adapt to emerging trends, and remain open and responsive to the future that lies ahead.


We believe in building all relationships on a foundation of mutual respect. We will practice empathy in all interactions, and will never accept arrogance as a form of communication.



Killer Infographics began in the townhome of co-founder Nick Grant. He and co-founder Amy Balliett worked tirelessly from this home office to get their company up and running; after a few months, they relocated to a small Ballard office and began to build a small team of design and content talent.


From designing 14 infographics in Q4 2010 to 40 in January 2011, we knew we had to grow further. In April, we moved to an even larger office (still compact, but enough for our team of 6 at the time), took on more clients, and expanded the team to 10 to accommodate. Mid-way through the year we began providing pro-bono work for local nonprofits in need of information design. After some busy quarters, our collective love for karaoke became common knowledge and inspired the beginning of many amazing karaoke office parties to come. By the end of the year, we began to outgrow our space once again…


Our landlord moved us into a larger office, allowing us to expand to 13. We began offering motion graphic services and expanding to interactive content as well. In addition, we brought all of our freelancers in-house to better serve our clients. By the end of the year, it was time to move again. We moved over Thanksgiving weekend to Fremont, Seattle’s “Center of the Universe.” and grew our team to 16.


Once settled into our new space, we began focusing on new multimedia projects for clients. We doubled our motion department and produced on of our favorite animations for Seattle’s local tech site Geekwire. We won the Geekiest Office in the Northwest and 5 International Creativity Awards before closing out the year.


We delved further into multimedia projects for our clients, reshaping the way we conceive of visual communication. Our process shifted to better accommodate the needs of our clients and our own team, enhancing structure while allowing for adaptability. We spoke at a number of events including AdobeMAX, the Seattle Interactive Conference, and more. But most importantly, our V.P. of Sales and Marketing proposed to his long-time girlfriend at the company karaoke party! Our team grew to 23, so again, we had to find a new office. Construction began at the new office in December with plans to move in Q1 2015.


In the new year, we relocated to a spacious Capitol Hill office, offering closer proximity to our downtown and Eastside clients. The neighborhood also affords amazing coffee, food, and happy hours easily within reach. There is life after work, after all…


In 2016 we continue to help brands of all sizes compete in the visual age with full-service visual communication campaigns. It’s been a rewarding year so far. We have helped a well-known automotive brand train their dealerships on new standards, a notable coffee brand retrain their baristas, and an amazing nonprofit help put a dent in homelessness. We’re excited to see what happens throughout the rest of the year!



There’s no better mid-day break than petting a friendly dog. Come by one day to meet the team of Jamison, Salvador, Lola, Optimus, Rocky, Samson, and the resident cat Zelda.


When it’s time to unwind, we truly enjoy our time together outside the office. We combine team-building events with happy hours, karaoke, and more.


It may seem like a small thing, but the ability to connect with your coworkers just by getting up and walking across a single room is vital to our culture.


One Friday every month, we hold a potluck or order in from a favorite local restaurant to take a midday break as a team.


Sitting all day is bad for your health — but standing all day isn’t great for you either. Luckily, our desks rise and lower with the push of a button.


We love the great happy hours near our office, but it’s tough to beat having kegs of local brews in our own break room — for Fridays only, of course.


Every Friday the team stops a little early to recap the week, take on a creative challenge, or brainstorm client solutions.