Boombox Bounceback: Vintage Music Trends for 2013

Because we kick it old school at Killer Infographics, we just had to do an infographic about vintage music style. We all know someone who treasures their vinyl collection. We all probably still have some stacks of CDs and maybe a cassette here or there, and Senior Lead Designer Alaina knows it. That’s why she utilized her modern-retro style to harken back to the days of yore.

The clever integration of the boom box power cord surrounding the vinyl record circle graph makes a great transition, and the music theme of the visuals holds steady throughout. See what we mean about vinyl not being dead? It’s actually selling in record numbers. (Get it? RECORD numbers? But no, seriously, people are buying a lot of vinyl.)

We end with some snazzy icons of brand-new products styled to look like they belong in the last century. The illustrations offer a vintage ad feel well-suited to the last-century-stylings of each product. If you’re not in the mood to go buy yourself some old-school music mediums, you might need to take another look at this infographic.