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The 4 Forces of Physics Poster Series: Gravitational Force


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Gravity is the weakest of the 4 physical forces, yet still somehow manages to define the motion of stars, planets, and galaxies. Featuring an illustration of the force at work and text about what makes it such a fascinating part of our universe, this design will add some educational class to any space.

The inspiration for this and the other posters in the series stemmed from a desire to take complex ideas and illustrate them in a simple form that people can quickly understand. Many graphics in educational settings may be helpful but not attractive; we saw this as a great opportunity to make something both informative and carefully designed.

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Additional Information

Weight .5 lbs



100 lb. poster stock. Black with gold metallic ink.

Print Type

Serigraph (silk screened) with gold metallic ink

What You Get

You will receive the brand new poster delivered in a rolled poster tube to frame as you wish or hang directly on your wall as-is.


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