White Guy Dance Moves
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White Guy Dance Moves


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Product Description

Some people are naturally talented at dancing, but others need a poster of awkward moves to give them inspiration. For those dance-challenged folks: this is your poster. Going beyond just the classics, this guide offers some unique moves guaranteed to impress.

We originally designed this back in 2010 just for fun, but even into 2015 we’ve seen it get daily attention online. Since our brand has grown and changed significantly over those 5 years, we knew the poster needed a significant revamp to fit with our new standards before it hit the store. Fun fact: this time around, we even used a Killer employee as the model for each move!

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Weight .5 lbs



100 lb. glossy poster stock

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Best Quality Laser

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You will receive the brand new poster delivered in a rolled poster tube to frame as you wish or hang directly on your wall as-is.


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